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දෙරණ රාත්‍රී දහය ප්‍රවෘත්ති


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Euro Millions: she finds a ticket at the bottom of her bag and earns a million euros

A couple living near Nantes (France) won a big prize at the My Million draw. It took him several days to notice. They almost missed a million euros ... At the end of February, a couple who had bought a EuroMillions ticket at Thouaré-sur-Loire, near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), noticed, late, he had pocketed a very nice sum, reports France Bleu Loire Océan.

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Derana News 10pm
Derana News 10pm Derana TV NEWS

Derana News 10pm (දෙරණ රාත්‍රී දහය ප්‍රවෘත්ති) Derana TV NEWS
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Derana News 10pm දෙරණ රාත්‍රී දහය ප්‍රවෘත්ති
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